75-Ball Bingo

At Bingohome.com you can enjoy three types of 75-ball bingo games. It’s the type of bingo that you’ll find on most online bingo sites and in bingo halls throughout North America. 75-ball bingo games are also the most common free bingo games you’ll find online. But there is another form of bingo that could become very popular online. The 90-ball bingo games are quite a bit different than the 75-ball games you may be used to playing, and the way the game is structured looks like it will better suit the online bingo action.

75-ball bingo game cards on Bingohome.com have five columns. These columns will spell out the word bingo on the top of the card and there will be 25 numbered squares on the card, with five squares found across and five down. To win a player must match a row of numbers, black out the entire pattern, get a diagonal line, get all four corners, or get two diagonal lines to make an X (depending on the game that’s being played at the time). There are over 6,000 pattern combinations in the game of 75-ball bingo that vary from a simple four corners to a blackout pattern.

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