90-Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo game cards are called tickets, which come in a book of six. Each card has three rows and nine columns, and each card has 90 numbers that are distributed over the six tickets. The way to win at a 90-ball bingo game is to match all the numbers on a horizontal line. Once the first winner is found, the game continues until the winner of the second line is found. Then the third and final line is completed, and the game is over. These games are traditionally more popular in Europe and Australia.

The difference between the games is that in 90-ball bingo games there are three winners in each game. A player can either choose from a single ticket or a strip of six tickets that have all 90 numbers. For this reason many gaming experts expect the 90-ball games to have more of an impact in the online bingo market over the next few years, both in cash games and on free bingo games.

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