Best Bingo Sites

Online games have taken playing games to an all new level. And contrary to popular belief, the world of online games does not start and end with the Facebook games apps. Most would think that with the popularity of playing games on Facebook, other game sites would hardly find any takers. Well, think again! Not only did online game sites exist long before the advent of the so-called Facebook era but their popularity and membership has (interestingly) increased multifold in (or despite) the era.

Some of the most widely played online games include the ever-popular bingo. The good old game of bingo has witnessed a reinvention of sorts with the advent of online bingo. Not only have traditional bingo halls and casinos made way for their online counterparts, the online version comes equipped with features such as 75ball and 90 ball options, chat, free games, paid ones with easy online deposit methods and exciting promotions, bonuses and jackpots. And the best bingo sites offer all of this and more. In addition, you do not have to drive anywhere and contribute anymore to those astronomical gas prices.

Best Bingo Sites – Featuring Free Games

Online bingo started back in 1996 with a free bingo site called Bingo Zone. It became an instant hit and on its heels came another free online bingo site, Bingo Blitz. Fifteen years down the line, the popularity of sites offering free bingo games shows no signs of waning. Some of the current best bingo sites offering free games include Bingohome.com and Funtimebingo.ag

Best Bingo Sites – Featuring Paid Games

A plethora of bingo sites now offer real money thrills with online payment facilities. These promise you a casino experience from the comforts of your home. And while the new U.S. regulations may have impacted their number, the same cannot be said about their popularity. However, due to heavy banking regulations in the US, many players from there find it hard to deposit to bingo sites in order to play.

One of the best bingo sites out there is the good old Bingohome. We have been in business for over 10 years and have withstood the ups and downs in the industry. We offer a high deposit bonus ranging between 200% and 300% and you also have chances to win all expense paid trip to places like the Caribbean and other tropical destinations. You also get points for playing, so the more you play the more points you earn and you can exchange these points for cold hard cash or gifts like TV, shoes etc.


Traditionally, playing your favorite bingo game meant awaiting a family get-together, a club event, or a trip to a casino, but not anymore. Bingo sites, which started as free fun game portals, now cater to those willing to gamble. And with online bingo having assumed the popularity proportions that it has, bingo players want nothing but the best in terms of quality, safety, variety, promotions, bonuses, and sheer excitement value. Online bingo sites are easy to find, the best bingo sites though acquire their reputations for their distinguishing features and years in business. And Bingohome rates high on not only the fun quotient but also on constant innovation and progression.