Bingo For Money

Now players from around the world can play bingo for money online. Over the years there have been several sites that have opened up offshore in countries like Costa Rica, Antigua and Curacao that offer real money and play for free sites to bingo players worldwide.

Most bingo sites have more than 1 room and differ by the cost of card. Some of the sites have cards that cost as low as 1 cent and can go up to $5 a card. Naturally, the more the card cost, the higher the jackpot will be.

To start playing bingo for money, you will first need to sign up at reputable site like Bingohome. You receive a free $10 to start playing and if you like the games and the feel of the site, you can make a deposit. The minimum amount you can deposit is $25 and highest is $500 which can be done via credit card or online checks.

Most sites give you a bonus on every time you send money and normally a larger one on your first deposit. Bingohome gives you a whopping 200% bonus the first time you fund your account.

Since most US banks frown on online gaming, your credit card may not go through at some online bingo sites. However, you can send a person to person transfer which takes a few minutes to arrive.

Several online bingo companies are now offering players more incentives when they send money via person to person including reimbursement of the fees and higher bonuses on the amount sent.

All bingo for money sites have many more games other than bingo including slots, video poker, keno and blackjack. They also have a chat room which is very popular with online bingo players. In the chat room, you have a Chat Monitor (CM) who controls the chat and play mini games with the players. Also if you have any questions, the CM can help or you can call or email toll free customer support at the majority of bingo companies. Most people make life long friends in the chat room so that's why it’s a popular addition to online bingo.

The biggest difference between playing bingo for money online and in a regular bingo hall is you can play 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

Also, some sites like Bingohome, give you points similar to frequent flyer points from airlines where you can exchange them for cash or other prizes like mugs, t-shirt, TVs etc.

If you are lucky and you win a big Jackpot playing bingo for money, your winnings can be sent to you via check or person to person transfer.

Almost all of the bingo sites for money do not report taxes to your jurisdiction so it is your responsibility to do so.