Free Bingo

They say the best things in life are free and Bingo is not an exception.

Can you recall someone who has never played Bingo? Easy question to answer… no! It is very likely that everyone has played Bingo at least once in their lives. The simple fun of a Bingo card and Bingo daubers in a local Bingo hall surrounded by friends is unbeatable. Now, even though the concept of Bingo playing in Bingo halls is fairly an old one (as old as 1530!!), internet bingo is relatively new. The upcoming of computers, home computers especially, has enabled people from everywhere to play Bingo games without leaving home.

Bingo online, imagine the concept: in snow, in rain, in sun, at day or night… anytime! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! And how about free bingo? What could be better? It’s heaven, right? On these pages we will present you with the best ways of playing Bingo for free. Please read on and take advantage of the possibilities.

1- Play at home.

On the web you can find sites where you can make your own Bingo cards completely for free. They offer you printable Bingo cards. Having printed the cards and the numbers (1 to 75) you’ll be ready to enjoy Bingo with your friends and family.

2- Play in the free rooms.

Bingo Home and many other sites offer rooms to play free online Bingo, but you will not win real prizes in these rooms, so you might want to take a look at options 3 and 4 below.

3- Enjoy non-deposit bonuses.

Some Internet Bingo sites like ours offer sign up or welcome bonuses to new players. Here you can play free bingo for cash prizes. Real money! This allows you to get into the actual thrill of the online bingo game and fun of the chat rooms and decide if you like them so you can make a deposit. With this bonus you can check out the bingo patterns, the payouts and the special prizes related to the site’s games.

4- Win Bingo Bucks by referring Buddies.

You can make a lot of Bingo money by referring your friends. Here at Bingo Home we like to show our appreciation of you as one of our loyal players by offering you 50% of the amounts deposited by friends you have referred to our site. This offer lasts for the first 15 days of deposits your friend makes!